Chapter 6

Looking at the Digital World Around You

In This Chapter

arrow Explaining that technology is a catalyst for change

arrow Identifying your needs and communicating your requirements

arrow Selecting BIM tools without breaking the bank

arrow Recognizing that BIM will shake things up, but keeping the good stuff

You can’t buy BIM in a box. BIM is a process, and to be successful it requires people and technology to work together. The construction industry is full of information technology. Balancing acquiring new skills required for CAD software or energy analysis and building codes programs on top of day-to-day project communications that fill your email inbox with attachments and drawings is difficult. So the idea of implementing a brand-new process that relies on new technology can seem pretty daunting. The key is to implement BIM by making lots of gradual improvements in the technology you use. This chapter shows you how easy that can be.

This chapter examines the digital world around you and outlines what lessons you can apply to the way you implement BIM in your office or workplace. In this chapter, ...

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