Chapter 7

Preparing the Foundations for BIM

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding levels of maturity

arrow Identifying the right structure

arrow Considering and preparing for the right technology

arrow Recognizing security issues

As the saying goes, “Success is all in the preparation.” Getting the fundamentals right before starting your BIM journey will stand you in good stead and put you in front of the competition. But before you start, ask yourself a couple of questions. What’s wrong with what you’re doing already? What are the practical things you have to do to implement BIM processes? Just what type of software, hardware, and projects do you need to focus on?

In this chapter, we explain the key components of BIM, starting with the bedrock, moving to the foundations, and finishing with the superstructure. We also look at what you need to consider to get yourself fighting fit and BIM ready.

Progressing through the Levels of Maturity

Simply buying and installing a few copies of a 3D BIM package and saying that you’re BIM ready isn’t going to cut the mustard. Maturity levels conceptualize growing levels ...

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