Chapter 14

Considering the Issues that BIM Presents

In This Chapter

arrow Thinking about change management processes

arrow Working out where your data lives and digital security risks

arrow Judging the legal issues relating to BIM, like liability and ownership

arrow Ensuring financial success from BIM while reducing risk

BIM is a game changer. The digital revolution has been slowly building for decades, and the industry badly needs BIM to bring it into the 21st century, ready for a connected, mobile world. BIM implementation and practice is demonstrating that there’s also lots of room to grow and potential for even greater innovation and bigger savings. BIM helps to make construction of buildings and infrastructure less fragmented, breaking down silos and increasing communication and connection.

However, thinking that all this new, exciting BIM stuff comes risk free would be foolish. In fact, you need to think about a number of issues when considering BIM projects and disruptive processes that can impact your business. We show you that, in most cases, you can overcome the challenges and difficulties you ...

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