Chapter 15

Evaluating BIM Benefits and Investment

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding that the industry is moving toward digital construction

arrow Considering the benchmarks first

arrow Discovering where the benefits of BIM are coming from

O ne of the first things a company is likely to ask when evaluating business benefits that BIM brings and the investment required is: How much will BIM return on my investment and how much money will it save or even generate? What about carbon benefits and new efficiencies? Think about your traditional processes, drawings, paper printing, photocopying, postage, and so forth. What can you do to create immediate and tangible efficiencies? Are there good examples of projects that have shown the benefits of BIM that exist today, especially energy savings? Not just the future stuff about interrogating a spinning hologram, but a practical, grounded set of key benefits available to clients and investors today?

In this chapter, you discover that other industries aside from construction are going through a digital revolution. You explore how it’s impacting construction and how you can measure the benefits and impacts to you and your organization.

Arriving at a Digital ...

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