Chapter 17

Identifying All the Users of BIM

In This Chapter

arrow Coordinating what the BIM team members require

arrow Assigning BIM roles and responsibilities

arrow Working out the people you need to help generate and manage BIM content

arrow Making the most of BIM for asset and facility management

Understanding that the same BIM and the outputs it can generate are going to be used by different (and new) roles in the industry, at different times and in very different ways, is vital to seeing the point of BIM. This chapter looks at BIM users and roles from inception to demolition (and beyond). We discuss facility management (FM) users and operation toward the end of the chapter.

Anticipating the Information You Need

The project timeline has multiple users. Don’t just think about your own segment or silo but also how the information is going to be used by everyone on the team and the built asset in the future. The following sections examine who needs what information across the project and for what purpose as well as the different information needs of other members of the project team, the timing of ...

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