Chapter 18

Building the Future of Construction

In This Chapter

arrow Thinking about the future of buildings

arrow Seeing how technology will change your work environment

arrow Designing for manufacture and assembly (DfMA)

arrow Finding new efficiencies through technology

As we mention several times in this book, construction can be pretty slow to change. For many decades, the industry has seemed to resist revolution and found comfort in its long-standing traditions. Now, though, some amazing technologies are finally making an impact, sometimes years after other sectors. This relatively gradual adoption of new ideas is actually not such a bad thing, because it helps those changes to stick around for the long term.

Part V of the book contains three chapters looking at the future of construction, BIM, and other new technology. This chapter specifically addresses the future of construction. Although current standard practice is likely to continue on many projects, someday the way you visualize a construction site and your built environment assets will be very different to the images that probably spring to ...

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