Chapter 21

Ten Types of BIM Tools, Software, and Platforms to Consider

In This Chapter

arrow Eyeing the different tools available

arrow Identifying the right tools for you

The number of different BIM software and tools on the market today can be bamboozling. We can describe BIM tools as task-specific applications that produce specific outcomes. For example, tools are available for drawing production, specification writing, cost estimation, model checking, viewing, and scheduling. Some tools can undertake a variety of tasks; for example, some construction management tools can carry out scheduling, 4D scheduling, and model checking, and other tools may just focus on a specific task.

You can’t buy BIM in a box (as we discuss in Chapter 7) because it’s a process that’s enabled by technology. No one piece of software is likely to fill all your requirements; however, in this chapter we list ten different types of BIM tools that you may want to consider when embarking on your BIM journey.

BIM Authoring Tools/Platform

BIM authoring tools (or BIM platforms, as they’re sometimes called) are usually used in the design for generating data for multiple uses. Although generic authoring tools exist that cover the basics of architecture — structural and MEP, for example — some tools are specific to a ...

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