Chapter 8. Submitting Your App to iTunes

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: submitting your completed app to iTunes. There are several steps to the process, and you’ll want to have all your ducks in a row before you get started. At a minimum, you’ll need the following to complete the App Store submission process:

  • A plain-text description for the application (4,000 characters max).

  • A URL where people can learn more about your app.

  • A support URL and email address so people can contact you with issues pertaining to your app.

  • If your app requires a login, full access credentials for a demo account so reviewers can test your app.

  • A 512 × 512 pixel icon.

  • A 320 × 480 pixel screenshot of your app.

  • A distribution provisioning profile for the app.

  • A zipped version of the application binary.

Everything you need for submission is fairly straightforward except for the last two items: the distribution profile for the app, and the application binary. We’ll cover those in detail in the following sections.


Wherever I refer to Kilo in this chapter, please substitute the name you are going to use for your app.

Creating an iPhone Distribution Provisioning Profile

In Chapter 7, you created a development provisioning profile that allowed you to test your app on an actual iPhone. Now, you need to create a distribution provisioning profile in order to submit the app to iTunes.

  1. Navigate to the iPhone developer site ( and log in.

  2. Click iPhone Developer Program Portal in ...

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