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Chapter 7. Java for RPG programmers
This chapter provides a brief overview of Java and object-oriented programming from the
perspective of an RPG programmer. If you are already familiar with OO, Java, or C++, you
may not need to read this information.
Java is an object-oriented (OO) programming language. RPG is not. However, many of the
concepts from OO can be translated and applied to RPG. In this chapter, the similarities
between OO languages and high-level languages (HLL) are discussed. There is also an
introduction to the Java language. You can obtain a complete introduction to Java from any of
the current books on the subject that are available at your local book store.
This chapter contains information about these subjects:
򐂰 Fields as variables
򐂰 Procedures/subroutines as methods
򐂰 Modules as classes
򐂰 Programs as packages
򐂰 The Java language

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