Chapter 13. Deployment considerations and tools 507
13.3.1 Internet security elements
There is no one single answer to Internet security. Some people believe that by installing a
firewall that their company network is safe.
Will a firewall alone shield your company from any inappropriate Internet access? No, security
is not a matter of a single device or procedure. Security is a concept, a set of different security
measures that are selected based on the needs of a specific installation.
Therefore, it is essential to first discuss the type of Internet security you need to achieve.
Chances are that it is not just a firewall.
Figure 13-1 shows some of the elements that you can address when designing a total
security solution for a company. However, this Redbook is not intended as an aid for deciding
upon your company security policy. If you need help in forming a security policy for your
company, it is better that you seek professional advice or services, such as the IBM
SecureWay services.
Figure 13-1 Internet security elements
First of all, a policy established by high-level management indicates how your company wants
to deal with the Internet. It should define the level of security you want to achieve and how
valuable or sensitive are the different types of information you posses. Various Internet
security features, such as cryptography or host system security functions, can help you to
implement what you design.
In addition, users need to be educated to follow and maintain the implemented security
procedures, as well as to observe specific rules when acting as Internet clients.

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