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Building Microservices with Lagom

Video Description

Use the Lagom framework to create microservices with the Gatling tool

About This Video

  • Learn hands-on to implement the circuit breaker

  • Understand how to set up a performance test using the Gatling tool

  • This tutorial is packed with real-world examples on developing microservices using the Lagom framework

  • In Detail

    The Lagom architecture is an open source framework for building reactive microservices.

    The video course will help you to build microservices that have a very high-throughput and low latency.You will find out how to implement a circuit breaker to make the service more resilient. In order to achieve this, you will learn how to set up performance tests with Gatling and will be trained on how to use Gatling efficiently. At the end, you will create a microservice using the Lagom framework.