SnapRoute – a RESTful API programmable routing stack

SnapRoute is a newly formed company focused on providing an easily automated and functional routing platform. It was built by a group of engineers who had worked on Apple's network. Here we will dive into how an API programmable routing stack works.

As it uses a RESTful API, the commands sent to the switch are done using either POST, GET, OPTIONS, PATCH, or DELETE.

SnapRoute refers to ports on a switch as fpPortX, where X is the number of the front panel (fp) ports. If the port can be broken out (for example, 10 Gx4 for 40 G or 25 Gx4 for 100 G), then there will be a delineator fpPortXsY, where the port number is X and the breakout is referred to as Y. So fpPort1s1 would be the front panel ...

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