Books list page

In this books list page, we are going to show books in the list view interface; for that, we are going to flexbox, and inside we will use <md-card> to display the books:

The code for src/app/books/list/list.component.ts is as follows:

import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core'; import { Book } from '../book'; import { BookStoreService } from '../book-store.service'; @Component({   selector: 'bl-list',   styleUrls: ['./list.component.scss'],   templateUrl: './list.component.html' }) export class ListComponent implements OnInit {   booksList: Book[] = [];   constructor(private bookStoreService: BookStoreService) {   }   ngOnInit() {     this.getBooks();   }   getBooks() {     this.bookStoreService       .getBooks()  .subscribe(response ...

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