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ACID properties, Relational Databases
Activator classes (see Bundle Activator class)
active state, The Framework Lifecycle, Running the Code
agent, Profilers, Coverage Tools, and Bootpath Delegation
agile development, Modularity Introduction
Amazon AutoScaling tools, Autoscaling
Amazon EC2, Autoscaling
Amdatu Mongo project, Managed Service Factories, Implementing a Persistent Service, Implementing a Persistent Service
Amdatu OpenSocial (see OpenSocial)
Amdatu project, Creating an OSGi Service
building cloud applications, The Amdatu Project
integration testing, Writing Integration Tests
REST support, RESTful Web Services
and whiteboard pattern, Injecting Multiple Service Implementations and the Whiteboard Pattern
Amdatu Resource Handler, Extender Pattern
overview, Handling Web Resources Automatically
web shop example application, Modularized Frontend
Amdatu Scheduling, Scheduled Jobs
Amdatu Security
overview, Token Based Security
token provider, Using the Token ProviderUsing the Token Provider
web shop example application, Layered View, Authentication
Amdatu Test, Writing Integration Tests
Amdatu Web
automatic marshalling of JSON objects, Simplified Object Mapping ...

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