Symbols and Numbers

${sender} reserved variable, 81–82

0.7 container, 208–211


About section, Profile page, 276–278

access points, application security, 302

Acknowledge button, 267


creating from app’s Canvas surface, 79

get_activities_atom, 194–195

get_friends_activities_atom, 195

getting app listed on Friend Updates. See opensocial.requestCreateActivity

os:ActivitiesRequest tag, Data Pipeline, 223–224

Add App button, 69, 308

add function, 17

Add This App button, 7, 276

adjustheight function, cross-domain access, 23

AdSense, 311–313


BuddyPoke app and, 320

creating with Cubics, 313–314

creating with Google AdSense, 311–313

creating with RockYou! ads, 314–316

monetizing Flixster Movies app through, 322

monetizing ...

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