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Building Pro Web Apps with TypeScript 2.x

Video Description

Learn to build high-performing, advanced, and high-quality web applications with TypeScript 2.x

About This Video

  • Explore powerful methods and classes to increase your application's effectiveness

  • Filled with real-world, practical examples that show you how to jump in and start building effective web applications!

  • Master the latest features in TypeScript such as mixin classes

  • In Detail

    Writing large applications in JavaScript is a challenge. TypeScript brings JavaScript down to earth by providing optional static typing and future JavaScript features today. It gives developers instant feedback on the code they are writing in order to catch mistakes earlier in the development process.

    In this course, you will take a basic game application and enhance it to provide a better user experience. You will start by learning how to incorporate Object Oriented Programming concepts within your application such as inheritance in classes. You will also learn to extend your classes and work with interfaces and TypeScript's newly introduced mixin classes. You will then learn to play with TypeScript's types, enforce efficient typing with TypeGuard, and trigger your application in different ways using function overload. After that you will explore how to use Asynchronous code to work with image data in your applications, and use class decorators to add exciting JavaScript features within your application. Finally you will learn to improve the quality of your code with the help of different method such as unit testing and code coverage.