Appendix B. List of Standard PMMG Templates

File NameTemplate Name
PMMG 1-0Project Profile
PMMG 1-1Project Selection
PMMG 1-2Project Charter
PMMG 1-3Potential Impact
PMMG 1-4Preliminary Communication Plan
PMMG 1-5Short Project Summary
PMMG 1-6Project Summary (See Request/Authorization Process)
PMMG 1-7Project Plan (MS Project 98 File)
PMMG 1-8Budget Worksheet
PMMG 1-9Scope Statement
PMMG 1-10Readiness Checklist
PMMG 1-11Project Portfolio Management Report
PMMG 2-1Process Analysis
PMMG 2-2Voice of the Customer
PMMG 2-3Critical to Quality
PMMG 2-4Business Requirements
PMMG 2-5Alternative Solutions
PMMG 2-6Records Administration
PMMG 2-7RRAA Matrix
PMMG 2-8Communication Plan
PMMG 2-9Risk Assessment
PMMG 2-10Skills Matrix
PMMG 2-11Metrics Management Plan
PMMG 2-12Configuration ...

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