1. Amoroso, Ed. Intrusion Detection. Sparta, NJ: Intrustion.Net Books, 1999.

    Excellent introduction to the subject.


    Card, Rémy, Theodore Ts’o, and Stephen Tweedie. “Design and Implementation of the Second Extended Filesystem.”

    Excellent paper on the LinuxEXT2 filesystem; the section entitled “Basic File System Concepts” is of particular interest to Tripwire users.

  3. Northcutt, Stephen and Judy Novak. Network Intrusion Detection: An Analyst's Handbook. Indianapolis: New Riders Publishing, 2001.

    A very practical book with many examples showing system log excerpts and configurations of popular IDS tools.


    Home of the chkrootkit shell script and an excellent source of information about how to detect and defend against rootkits.


    Project pages for Tripwire Open Source. The place to obtain the very latest Tripwire Open Source code and documentation


    Tripwire Open Source Manual and the Tripwire Open Source Reference Card in PDF format. Required reading! (If this link doesn’t work, try


    Home page for Tripwire Open Source. Binaries for Linux available here.


    Tripwire Academic Source Release download site.

  9. ...

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