This book was vastly improved by the involvement of a large number of people. Of course, any errors and omissions are completely our fault. The following people provided meticulous and helpful reviews to early drafts: Bill Arbaugh, Steve Bellovin, Leigh Caldwell, Pravir Chandra, Bill Cheswick, Jeremy Epstein, Ed Felten, Robert Fleck, Jim Fox, Zakk Girouard, Peter Gutmann, Brian Kernighan, Matt Messier, mudge, Peter Neumann, Tom O’Connor, Jens Palsberg, Marcus Ranum, John Regehr, Steve Riley, Avi Rubin, Craig Sebenik, David Strom, and Guido Van Rossum.

Peter Gutmann gave us several great code examples that we used with slight modifications, including the code for safe opening of files in Chapter 9 and the ASCII-to-ASCII encryption ...

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