Building Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS

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A practical comprehensive guide on AngularJS, taking you from the basics to rich client-side applications in no time.

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  • Learn how to build single page applications from scratch, with a practical approach to development using AngularJS

  • Go from ""Hello World"" to intricate web applications with incrementally complex exercises

  • Learn all about the important features and components available in the framework, including how to write your own custom components

  • In Detail

    Building web applications that can manage huge chunks of data consistently is becoming increasingly difficult and this affects the efficiency of your app. Single Page Applications (SPA) solve this issue as its design principles make life easy for data-intensive applications by updating the constant stream of data in the same page, making the application more intuitive for the user.

    Doing this with pure JavaScript is hard. To help with the implementation of single-page applications, Google developed a framework called AngularJS that allows you to build well-structured, easily testable, and maintainable frontend Single Page Applications.

    This course will take you from the very basics of developing rich client-side Single Page Applications (SPA) through a series of practical examples of incremental complexity, including a full review of AngularJS’ built-in features and testability features.

    At the beginning of the course, you will be introduced to the advantages and limitations of AngularJS and its compatibility with SPAs. As we move on, we'll dive head-first into the application coding, starting from your first application and going all the way from building a to-do list app to a fully featured movie database, understanding every key aspect of the framework in the process. Later on, we'll focus on reviewing AngularJS' built-in components (directives, filters, and services) including every detail of how to write your own custom components of every kind. And finally, we'll wrap up with automated testing clearly guiding you on how to write and execute automated tests on AngularJS and introducing best practices on both unit and end-to-end testing.

    Building Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS will take you from zero to hero, covering all important aspects of the framework and preparing you to hit the ground running on any single page application.

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    • Title: Building Single Page Web Apps with AngularJS
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2014
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781783988624