Building Web Applications with Firebase

Video description

In the liveVideo course Building Web Applications with Firebase you’ll code along with expert instructor Gareth Brown as you use Firebase to add hosting, cloud storage, database services, and user authentication to a complete music-and-chat web app. The super-reliable Firebase backend-as-a-service handles your app’s data storage and retrieval infrastructure so you can focus on building an amazing user experience.

About the Technology
For many web apps, the backend functionality—storing, processing, and retrieving data—is predictable. Firebase is a fully managed backend service that gives you best-in-class infrastructure for your web apps, handling everything from user authentication and server scaling, right through to crash analytics and a reliable testing environment. Just set it and forget it. Backed by Google and used by some of the top apps available, you can trust Firebase to work flawlessly every time.

About the Video
Building Web Applications with Firebase cures the headache of creating—and re-creating—custom backend infrastructure. Code along as expert instructor Gareth Brown creates an entire music-and-chat web app on screen, showing you step-by-step how Firebase can carry the load of your hosting, cloud storage, database services, and user authentication. Each module adds new backend functionality to your app, which you can easily implement with the frontend skills you already know. There are no assumptions made about the rest of your stack; you’ll learn transferable Firebase skills that work seamlessly with your favorite frameworks. When you’re done, you’ll have a fully working app for your portfolio that can show off your new Firebase skills!

What's Inside
  • Setup a new project using the Firebase console
  • Install and use the Firebase SDK
  • Configure Firebase inside a JavaScript project
  • Host a website in Firebase
  • Set up user authentication for user sign in
  • Save data to the Firestore database
  • Store audio content in Firebase cloud storage

About the Reader
For frontend web developers with intermediate JavaScript skills and a basic knowledge of backend requirements

About the Author
Gareth Brown is a software engineer with years of experience developing all kinds of web applications.

I definitely recommend everyone to watch the course if they want to learn Firebase.
- Alper Silistre, Software Engineer

If you have no knowledge about Firebase, this is the course for you!
- Emanuele Origgi, Software Developer, Datlas

An easy way to get started with firebase.
- Alex Saez -Full Stack Developer

Starts with the fundamentals of Firebase and gives you enough context in order to be able to proceed to the actual platform without further questions.
- Konstantinos Leimonis, Senior Software Engineer, DAZN

Really great introduction to Firebase and how to use each of its components.
- Jonathan Wood, Software Engineer

Product information

  • Title: Building Web Applications with Firebase
  • Author(s): Gareth Brown, Gareth Brown
  • Release date: October 2020
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 10000MNHV201912