Building Web Applications with Spring MVC

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Build dynamic and powerful server-side web applications in Java using Spring MVC

About This Video

  • Implement Spring MVC controllers that handle user requests, return HTML responses, and handle errors

  • Provide locale and theme support for web applications as well as build sturdy RESTful web services

  • A practical guide that demonstrates building Spring MVC applications using an example of an online e-commerce chocolate store

  • In Detail

    Spring MVC is a striking framework that helps you write robust and highly-scalable server-side web applications. Its lightweight nature, adherence to the MVC paradigm, and extensibility helps you develop enterprise-grade applications in no time.

    Based on an example of an online e-commerce chocolate store, this video course helps you learn the concepts of MVC and utilize the rich support of the Spring MVC framework to build dynamic web applications. You start by installing the Spring Tool Suite IDE and creating your first Spring MVC application. Next, you will learn how to integrate the model and business services to add functionality to the application. You then move on to learn about the process of creating a product catalogue and how to develop the user registration page functionality. You will then proceed to create an e-commerce shopping cart that helps users place orders and then implement constraints for the process. Finally, you will learn how to use Freemarker (a template engine for the Java platform) and Apache Tiles (a template composition framework) and design a RESTful API to implement the ordering functionality as a REST web service.

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    Table of contents

    1. Chapter 1: Getting Started with the Spring MVC
      1. Setting Up the Development Environment 00:04:22
      2. Writing Our First Spring MVC Application 00:05:45
      3. Using the Startup Code 00:07:56
    2. Chapter 2: Creating Spring MVC Controllers
      1. Understanding the Model 00:07:21
      2. Calling the Model 00:07:01
      3. Writing a Controller 00:09:04
    3. Chapter 3: Enabling User Input and Implementing Validation
      1. Getting the User Input 00:05:53
      2. Using Path Variables and Redirects 00:07:39
      3. Implementing Validation 00:08:28
      4. Adding the Update Functionality 00:05:15
    4. Chapter 4: Implementing Theming and Internationalization
      1. Working with Multiple Entities 00:06:02
      2. Implementing Themes 00:05:57
      3. Implementing Internationalization 00:05:48
    5. Chapter 5: Implementing Advanced Web App Functionality Part 1
      1. Working with Model Objects 00:07:17
      2. Understanding Data Binding 00:07:33
      3. Writing Custom Validators 00:07:13
      4. Handling Exceptions 00:05:44
    6. Chapter 6: Implementing Advanced Web App Functionality Part 2
      1. Implementing the Login Functionality 00:06:40
      2. Implementing the Shopping Cart Functionality 00:05:48
      3. Implementing the Ordering Functionality 00:06:43
      4. Writing Custom Interceptors 00:07:48
    7. Chapter 7: Understanding Integration with Advanced Views
      1. Integrating with Freemarker 00:07:01
      2. Integrating with Apache Tiles 00:06:30
      3. Working with Multiple Content Types 00:09:04
    8. Chapter 8: Working with RESTful Web Services
      1. Understanding RESTful Web Services 00:06:37
      2. Implementing Your First REST Endpoint 00:06:20
      3. Implementing CRUD APIs 00:07:02
      4. Implementing Exception Handling and HATEOAS 00:09:19

    Product information

    • Title: Building Web Applications with Spring MVC
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: October 2014
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781783286539