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Building Web Applications with Ember

Video Description

Build an expense tracker called Expenze Buddy

About This Video

  • Make the best of Ember features and make your components very flexible and reusable
  • Be able to handle actions in components and use templates in Ember
  • Understand routing and authentication in Ember

In Detail

You will begin by getting your computer environment ready to develop using Ember. We show you everything you need to know about setting up your development environment. We cover the installation of Ember/Quickstart and walk you through the Ember framework. Then we ensure that you are ready to deploy, debug, and test your environment. Moving forward, you explore templates (Ember uses the handlebars library as the default templating engine) and implement conditionals, links, and actions. You'll also write your own helpers to customize your view layer.

Also, you take a look at Ember Data and create the necessary models. You then explore the various adapters that are available to connect with various backend/API servers. And finally, you set up components and acquire a deeper understanding of this important Ember construct. You will build upon the previous section, to the point where you can handle actions in components.

Rather than focusing on test-driving code, this book's emphasis is on understanding the framework and adding tests as we write, to confirm that your codebase is sturdy. Once you've mastered the framework, test driving will be easier to follow.