Chapter 1. Helping a Site Succeed

In This Chapter

  • Optimizing the site for search engines

  • Submitting the site to search engines

  • Marketing the site

  • Keeping the content fresh

A successful Web site is an ever‐changing work in progress. You use your skills as a Web designer to bring your client's business to life on the Web. You take the seed of your client's idea, plant it, and nurture it to fruition. However, the fruit will fall from the vine and rot unless you or your client does something to bring it to the public eye. The first step in making the site successful is optimizing the site for search engines. This step can help your client's site rank higher in the search engines. That, however, might not be enough, especially if the Web site is promoting a popular product or service. If this is the case, your client has to resort to marketing the site online. In addition to marketing the site online, your client can use conventional methods to popularize the site. After visitors are coming to your client's site in droves, there must be a reason for them to return. That's right — you or your client needs to update it on a regular basis. After all, you wouldn't buy the same magazine month after month if the content never changed. In this chapter, we show you how to implement SEO (search engine optimization), online marketing, and other techniques to help the site succeed.

Planning and Incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After you decide what type of content the site will have, you ...

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