Websites can be very complex or very simple. When you’re building a site, you have many decisions to make, all dependent upon the needs of a particular project. Don’t become overwhelmed or fret, though, because you have Building Websites All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition, to help you. This book is so comprehensive and so flexible that it will help you in all aspects of web design, from the initial planning phases to testing and publishing your masterpiece.

This book can help you take on the role of project manager, graphic designer, developer, or multimedia designer, and offers information about interacting with different specialists on larger or more complex projects. So whether you’re undertaking your first web design project or are a veteran taking on a web design team, this book is for you.

About This Book

Here are some of the things you can do using this book:

Plan your website project.

Assemble and manage a web team or draw on online resources.

Create layouts, graphics, navigation menus, and web pages from scratch.

Optimize graphic elements for your web pages.

Work with HTML, HTML5, CSS, and CSS3 to create and maintain your pages.

Add interactive animated menus, navigation elements, and other content with JavaScript and jQuery Mobile.

Create forms and manage form input with PHP scripts or online data management tools.

Generate and embed search tools for your site.

Embed live and streaming data, including RSS feeds and blogs, in ...

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