Chapter 2: Assessing Your Resources

In This Chapter

check.png Evaluating software and technology

check.png Going it alone

check.png Exploring team members

check.png Putting (and keeping) a team together

When you decide to get into the business of web building, you need stuff to design your sites with. We’re talking software and apps here: scripting languages, style sheets, maybe a word-processing program. You also need software to create graphics — buttons, banners, footers, for example. In this chapter, we suggest some applications that have stood the test of time and give you the tools you need to create compelling web pages. We also talk about working solo or with a team.

Choosing an HTML Editor

If you’re a masochist, you certainly can create web pages in a word- processing program. All you need to know is which HTML tags to use for each section of that document. However, taking this path, intrepid reader, is a very daunting way in which to create web pages. Even the most seasoned web designer uses an HTML editor to create sites. And the granddaddy of HTML editors is Adobe Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver began life as a Macromedia ...

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