Chapter 1: JavaScript for Animation and Interactivity

In This Chapter

check.png Using JavaScript in modern web design

check.png Using JavaScript vis-à-vis Flash

check.png Seeing how JavaScript works with HTML and CSS

check.png Finding different ways to get JavaScript

check.png Creating simple JavaScript

JavaScript is the main source of interactivity and animation in web pages. And of even greater value, it helps visitors interact with objects. They can click a button, scroll a drop-down menu, choose an option from a drop-down menu, and so on — all user-initiated events trigger an action. That action might be launching a slideshow, or opening a new browser window, or a form being validated (the data a user enters is tested before that data is sent to a server).

As such, JavaScript is the third leg of the basic building blocks of modern, inviting, dynamic websites, along with HTML (which we cover in Book III, and throughout this minibook) and CSS (which we cover in Book IV).

Understanding the Role of JavaScript

As you peruse the web ...

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