Chapter 4: JavaScript with Dreamweaver

In This Chapter

check.png How Dreamweaver generates JavaScript (and why)

check.png Creating tooltips, menu bars, and tabbed panels

check.png Embedding live data in pages

check.png Generating jQuery Mobile pages

This chapter meshes with and builds on a bit that we explore in earlier chapters of this minibook. Steeping yourself a bit in those chapters will allow you to get substantially more value from Dreamweaver’s JavaScript tools in two ways:

You’ll have a basic background and foundation so you understand what Dreamweaver is doing when it generates JavaScript, where that JavaScript is saved to, and what might go wrong (and how to fix it).

You can actually work with and edit JavaScript in Dreamweaver that comes from somewhere else (like the do-it-yourself projects in Chapter 2, or the generated code you see in Chapter 3, of this minibook).

With some background in JavaScript under your belt, you can max out taking full advantage of Dreamweaver’s tools for generating JavaScript content.

Seeing How Adobe, Dreamweaver, and JavaScript Relate

To understand how Dreamweaver handles ...

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