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Building Websites with e107

Book Description

A step by step tutorial to getting your e107 website up and running fast

  • Get your e107 website up fast

  • Simple and practical guide to mastering e107

  • Customize and extend your e107 site with new templates and the CMS plug-in

  • In Detail

    e107 is a PHP-based content management system that uses the popular open source MySQL database system for content storage. e107 is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License and is completely free, totally customizable and in constant development. It is an ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more. It has a large, enthusiastic, and helpful community of users.

    If you want to create a powerful, fully-featured website in no time, this book is for you. This book will help you explore e107, putting you in the picture of what it offers, and how to go about building a site with the system.

    The book covers all the core features of e107, and it is thorough and incremental tutorial approach it gives you the understanding to experiment with advanced features and customization.

    This book is a Developer's Guide that steps you through the ZK framework with examples. It starts with installing and configuring ZK and takes you on to integrate it with other frameworks. By the time you are through the book you will be able to build an application on your own.

    This book is a fast paced tutorial to creating a website using e107. If you have never used e107, or even any web content management system before, then this book will walk you through each step in a friendly and accessible way. From installation, to initial set up and content entry and then on to customization for your own look and feel, this book will get you to a stable and working e107 based web site fast. You do not have to be an experienced web developer or designer to get a great looking site with a full set of functions using this book and e107. This book will guide you through every step.

    Table of Contents

    1. Building Websites with e107
      1. Building Websites with e107
      2. Credits
      3. About the Author
      4. Acknowledgement
      5. About the Reviewer
      6. Preface
        1. What This Book Covers
        2. What You Need for This Book
        3. Conventions
        4. Reader Feedback
        5. Customer Support
          1. Downloading the Example Code for the Book
          2. Errata
          3. Questions
      7. 1. An Introduction to e107
        1. History of Content Management Systems
        2. How a Content Management System Works
        3. Brief History of e107
        4. The People Who Make e107 Possible
        5. Summary
      8. 2. Installing e107
        1. Requirements
        2. Operating System Requirements
        3. Installing e107
        4. Uploading e107 to Your Server
          1. No Command-Line Access
          2. Command-Line (Shell) Access
        5. Setting File Permissions
          1. Core Permissions
          2. Plug-in Permissions
          3. Content Management Plugin
            1. Links Page
            2. Statistic Logging
        6. Running the Installation Script
          1. Stage 1
          2. Stage 2
            1. Root Access
            2. No Root Access
          3. Stage 3
          4. Stage 4
          5. Stage 5
          6. Stage 6
          7. Stage 7
        7. Securing Your Installation
        8. Upgrading an Existing e107 Installation
          1. Database Updates
        9. Troubleshooting Common Installation Problems
        10. Summary
      9. 3. Setting Site Preferences
        1. The e107 Front End
          1. Creating a Username and Password
          2. Activating Your Registration
          3. The User or Member Welcome Page
        2. The e107 Back End
          1. Setting Site Preferences
            1. Site Information
            2. Display Information
            3. Admin Display Options
            4. Date Display Options
            5. User Registration/Posting Option
            6. Signup Page Options
            7. Text Rendering
            8. Security & Protection
            10. Advanced Features
          2. Emoticons
        3. Creating the Front Page
          1. Creating a Dynamic Front Page
          2. Creating a Static Front Page
          3. Creating Different Front Pages by User Class
        4. Summary
      10. 4. Customizing the Look and Feel of Your Site
        1. What is a Theme?
        2. Understanding the Theme Layout
        3. Psychology of Color
        4. Selecting a Theme
          1. Core Themes
          2. Additional Themes
          3. Custom Themes
          4. Deleting Themes
        5. Customizing Layout
        6. The WYSIWYG Editor
        7. The File Upload Manager
        8. Creating Menu Items Using the Custom Page/Menu Tool
          1. Deleting a Custom Menu Item
          2. Changing Views by Membership Level
        9. Customizing Our Site
          1. Internationalization—Using a Custom Language File
        10. Summary
      11. 5. Customizing Your Site for e-Commerce with Plugins
        1. Introduction to Plugins
          1. How to Install Plugins
          2. Core Plugin Installation
          3. Installing a Non-Core Plugin
          4. Plugin Manager Upload Plugin Option
          5. Uninstalling a Plugin
        2. Banner Plugin
          1. Adding the Banner Shortcode to a Theme
          2. Creating a Banner Ad Campaign
          3. Activating the Ad Campaign
        3. Shopping Cart Plugin
          1. Main ZoGo-Shop Settings
          2. Manage Store Categories
            1. Adding Store Categories
            2. Editing and Deleting Categories
          3. Manage Store Products
            1. Adding Store Products
            2. Editing and Deleting Products
          4. Manage Gateways
          5. Managing Orders
        4. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Plugin
          1. Adding Categories
          2. Adding Sub-Categories
          3. Setting Preferences
          4. Entering Sample FAQs
        5. Summary
      12. 6. Customizing Your Site for Business with Plugins
        1. User Class
          1. Creating a User Class
          2. Attaching a User Class to a User
          3. Deleting a User from a User Class
          4. Assigning Admin User Class to a User or Removing It
        2. The Forum Plugin
          1. Installing Forum
          2. Creating the Forum Parents
          3. Creating the Forums
          4. Creating the Sub-Forums
          5. Changing the Category Order
          6. Changing the Forum Order
          7. Changing the Order of the Sub-Forums
          8. Setting Forum Preferences
          9. Prune
          10. Ranks
          11. Forum Rules
          12. Reported Posts
          13. Moderators
          14. Tools
        3. The Poll Plugin
        4. Changing Themes for a More Professional Business Appearance
        5. Summary
      13. 7. Adding Content to e107
        1. Content Management Plugin
          1. Key Features
            1. Built-in Template System for Content Pages
            2. Preset and Custom Tag Capabilities
            3. Menu System
            4. Advanced Sorting System
            5. Personal Content Manager
            6. Options
          2. Installation and Configuration
          3. Creating a New Category
          4. Changing the Order of Categories
          5. Managing Categories
            1. Deleting a Category
            2. Editing a Category
          6. Creating Content
          7. Managing Content
            1. Deleting Content
            2. Editing Content
          8. PDF Creation Plugin
        2. The Coppermine Plugin
          1. Installing the Coppermine Plugin
          2. Coppermine Configuration
            1. General Settings
            2. Language, Themes & Charset Settings
            3. Album List View
            4. Thumbnail View
            5. Image View & Comment Settings
            6. File and Thumbnail Settings
            7. Files and Thumbnails Advanced Settings
            8. User Settings
            9. Custom Fields, Cookies, and Miscellaneous Settings
            10. Image Watermarking
            11. Saving Configuration
          3. Admin Mode and User Mode
            1. The Group Control Panel
            2. Categories, Albums, and Pictures
            3. Creating Categories
            4. Creating Sub-Categories
            5. Creating Albums
          4. Block (Menu) Configuration
        3. Summary
      14. 8. Information Dissemination
        1. The Newsletter Plugin
          1. Installation
          2. Configuration
          3. Creating Our First Mailing
          4. How to Subscribe to the Newsletter
        2. Event Calendar Plugin
          1. Installation
          2. Configuring Calendar Settings
          3. Categories
          4. Forthcoming Events
          5. Maintenance
            1. Event Calendar Front End
          6. Entering Information into our Calendar
          7. Editing or Deleting a Calendar Event
        3. RSS Plugin
          1. Installation
          2. Existing RSS Feeds
          3. Import
          4. Activating RSS on the Front End
        4. Search Engines
          1. Meta Tags
        5. Summary
      15. 9. Maintenance, Optimization, and Security
        1. Database Utilities
          1. Scan Plugin Directories
          2. Maintenance Flag
          3. Check for Available Database Updates
          4. Check Database Validity
          5. Optimize SQL Database
          6. Backup Core
        2. Security
          1. File Uploads
          2. Passwords
          3. Security & Protection Preferences
        3. Summary
      16. A. Resources
        1. e107 Resources
          1. Official Sites
          2. Other Sites
          3. World Sites
          4. Resources for Running e107 on a Windows OS
          5. Apache Resources
          6. PHP Resources
          7. MySQL Resources