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Building Your Application with React Native

Video Description

Create your very first application with React Native

About This Video

  • Set up a React Native Environment on your Device
  • Work with API calls to fetch data
  • Add navigation to your App
  • Build UX components for your React Native App
  • Perform animations in your applications using the animation APIs
  • Test your component with Jest Snapshot Testing
  • Test and deploy your application for a production-ready environment

In Detail

React has taken the web development world by storm, and it is only natural that its unique architecture and third-party support ecosystem should be applied to native application development. Using JavaScript, you can build an application that renders native UI components and accesses native device functionality.

This video takes you from the basics of React Native development all the way through to advanced components. A lot of different development techniques go into creating an app. In this course, you’ll start with a quick intro to React Native and how to build basic UI components, then move on to discussing data flow and React Native animations.

Finally, we will look at how to publish your applications to Play Store or to private devices.