Building Your Own Guitar Effects Pedalboard

Video Description

Tired of untangling all those cables and then assembling all your guitar effects pedals before every gig or frustrated at the one-size-fits-all pedalboards available on the market? Then join Phil O'Keefe, guitarist, audio engineer and producer, as he takes you through the design, step-by-step construction, assembly and wiring of your own custom guitar effects pedalboard. With a few tools, some supplies from the local hardware store and help from Phil, you can build a fully operational guitar effects pedalboard that will have you plugged in and cranked up in no time.

Topics Include:

  • Customizing the Pedalboard to Your Needs

  • Intro to Different Types of Pedals

  • Materials, Parts and Tools List

  • Spacing & Layout Considerations

  • Setup-by-Setup Construction

  • Assembly of Pedalboard

  • Mounting Different Pedals

  • Signal Flow of Pedals

  • Cable Construction

  • Power Supply Mounting

  • Wiring, Connecting and Testing Power

  • Product Information

    • Title: Building Your Own Guitar Effects Pedalboard
    • Author(s): Phil O'Keefe
    • Release date: November 2009
    • Publisher(s): Total Training
    • ISBN: 00320090135SI