Chapter 6Market Potential Strategy

‘A spray and pray approach will not cut it in today's market!’

The game of chess is interesting to watch. Chess masters are experts in almost every conceivable move and counter-move so they're able to think many moves ahead. They control the game from the outset. The expectation of success requires a clear understanding of the potential that exists from the moment the game begins, and with every single move that follows.

An amateur, on the other hand, can be sure of losing, almost every time. They randomly move pieces that may or may not have an impact, and they celebrate when luck leads them to a momentary victory. There is no intelligent way for them to predict an outcome at any stage of the game, it's all just ‘spray and pray'.

Now, interestingly, should a chess master choose to abandon their logic and simply move pieces randomly, it is entirely conceivable that they could lose to a first-time player; the sort of amateur that has to have the correct movement of the rook or bishop explained to them every time they put their hand on it.

That last scenario is how most companies approach market potential: as a random series of moves that may or may not pay off, entirely dependent on whether competitors misjudge the market or the market happens to come towards them.

Could that be your business?

Everything in Built to Grow involves being the architect of your own destiny; the chess master in your own game; deliberate, considered, and intelligent ...

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