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Bullies, Jerks and Other Annoyances: Identify and Defuse the Difficult People in the Workplace

Video Description

You’ve got a difficult, manipulative boss or maybe an intensely competitive and rude colleague. Is it bullying, bad manners, or merely the normal competition of a workplace? Healthy competition and even some aggression can make for a creative work environment where people push one another to better performance. But a bully can destroy a victim’s core sense of self, and limit their ability to be productive. So how do you identify what is at work in your workplace? Are there gender differences in perceptions and reaction? What’s the best way to deal with the different scenarios? In this interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, executive coach Michele Woodward shares the playbook she has developed for identifying and diffusing difficult people in the workplace. Woodward is a Master Certified Coach, who coaches executives and trains other coaches--she is considered ""a coach’s coach."" In this webinar, Woodward provides a step-by-step guide with practical tips for dealing with the difficult people in the workplace.