For example, a rescue crew could receive data on the layout of a
burning building. This could help them navigate through the building
to rescue trapped victims. A law enforcement officer could pull up
information using a wireless handheld device related to a person, vehi-
cle, or other article from a major criminal database without having to
make trips back to the officer’s vehicle. A fire department could per-
form property inspections for potential fire hazards and have inspec-
tion data immediately validated upon entry on a wireless device.
Health Care
140 >> Business Agility
Creating a Mobile Solution for Doctors
University Hospital (Universitaetsklinik),
Mainz, Germany
Executive Summary
The neurosurgery department within the University Hospital in Mainz, Germany,
was looking for a way to increase doctors’ productivity by allowing them to spend
more time focused on patient care and less time manually looking up and writing
down classification codes to satisfy German regulations.
They used a Bluetooth network to enable flexibility and mobility around the hospi-
tal so that doctors could manage patient records via their PDAs. The solution con-
stantly synchronized data wirelessly and gave the doctors access to the most recent
patient information.
Category: Wireless LAN
Application: Wireless access to
patient records
Technology: Red-M Bluetooth
Target Audience: Physicians
Devices: PDAs
University, Mainz
Name: University Hospital, Mainz
Web Site:
Department: Neurosurgery
Business: Healthcare
HQ: Mainz, Germany
Chapter 5 Industry Examples >> 141
In order to satisfy German regulations, all doctors at the University Hospital have to
record diagnoses and surgical procedures for patients according to international
classification codes stored in the hospital’s database. Doctors had to take time away
from patient care in order to manually look up codes and record them on paper.
Later, these paper notes were entered into the system for balancing against the
patient’s health insurance policies. The Hospital was looking for a way to increase
productivity and allow the doctors to have easy access to patent data as they moved
around the hospital.
The solution that was implemented was the Bluetooth networking solution from
Red-M, a U.K.-based company that develops and markets hardware and software
product solutions that enable mobile data, voice, and video communications inside
buildings and public concourses to a range of handheld and mobile devices.
The solution utilized the Red-M 3000AS access server and the 1000AP access
point as part of the Bluetooth network. The access points are small devices that are
situated around the hospital areas where the Bluetooth network is to be provided.
Access points act as “Bluetooth base stations” and provide up to 31,420 m
of wire-
less coverage around each access point. The access server is the central device in
the Bluetooth network and provides shared network services such as Internet
access, intranet access, and connectivity to a PBX-based voice system.
Some of the benefits of the solution have included the ability for doctors to have
access to the most recent patient information on their PDAs, the ability to access
classification codes for patient care on their PDAs from data stored in the hospital’s
SAP R/3 database, and the general increase in productivity that the PDAs have
enabled. Doctors can now spend more time on patient care and less time on the
less-value added tasks of record keeping.
Time Savings
Greater Data Accuracy
More Time On Patient Care
Challenge and Business Drivers
Business Drivers
>> Productivity
>> Data Accuracy
Former Process
>> Physicians had to manually look
up codes and make paper-based

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