M-Business Strategic
n M-Business strategy can help the enterprise increase its busi-
ness agility by applying the right M-Business applications and
processes to the right areas of need and opportunity across all
user constituencies. The strategic approach can help to maximize
enterprise benefits, to minimize the risks inherent in any technology-
related initiative, and to ensure executive buy-in. Another advantage
of an M-Business strategy is that M-Business initiatives can be aligned
with broader business strategies and can be prioritized based upon
their potential for providing the maximum benefit to the enterprise.
There are also benefits in approaching M-Business strategy from a
corporate-wide viewpoint, as opposed to a departmental viewpoint.
Implementing a corporate-wide M-Business strategy can yield consider-
able advantages over rolling out M-Business applications on a case-by-
case basis. It presents the opportunity to leverage the synergies between
applications from both a technical and business perspective. This cre-
ates an overall value that is greater than the sum of the individual parts.
An M-Business strategy should take into account both the “as-is”
environment and the “to-be” environment. It should leverage existing
investments in applications and skill sets, but also provide a clear path
toward the “to-be” business objectives.
M-Business projects may be completely new business initiatives or
they may be extensions of other IT projects that have both wired and
wireless aspects to the overall solution.
Thus, some of the goals of an M-Business strategy should be as
>> Envision M-Business initiatives that provide true enterprise value
for employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners
>> Determine which projects to fund based upon strategic value and
return on investment
>> Determine project prioritization based upon business impact and
>> Ensure alignment with Business Strategy
>> Ensure alignment with IT Strategy
>> Maximize existing technology investments and skill sets
>> Leverage of M-Business portfolio across the enterprise
>> Ensure maximum return on investment for M-Business initiatives
>> Maximize the potential for project success by managing risks and
determining critical success factors
Since every company has its own approach and methodology
for conducting strategy work and for funding project initiatives, the
following sections will focus more on recommendations specific to
M-Business than in providing a specific methodology to follow.
You can leverage these recommendations however it makes sense
within your own approach and methodology.
We will group the recommendations into sections on business and
technology assessment, identification of target opportunities, prioriti-
zation of initiatives, business case development, and project plan
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