addition, rules of, 173-174

additive time series model, 274

additivity in LP (Linear Programming) models, 232

administrators, 31

aligning business analytics, 45-46

management issues, 54

change management, 58-59

ensuring data quality, 55-57

establishing information policy, 54

measuring business analytics contribution, 58

outsourcing business analytics, 55

organization structures, 46-50

centralized BA organization structure, 49-50

functional organization structure, 48

hierarchical relationships, 46

matrix organization structure, 48

project structure, 47-48

reasons for BA initiative and organization failure, 51-50

teams, 50-53

collaboration, 50-53

participant roles, 52

reasons for team failures, 53

alternatives (DT), 304

Analysis ToolPak, ...

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