My sincere thanks go to a friend and mentor, the world-renowned Dr. Thomas O. Mensah, for his enthusiasm to write the foreword for this book, and to my peer reviewers, Dr. Amanda Nimon-Peters (Hult International Business School), Daniel K. Twimaise, Aditya P.V. Yeluru, and Jashan Jot Singh, who so graciously took time off their academic or personal schedules to examine my work and offer advice to enrich the book.

I want to thank my publishers, Business Expert Press, especially Scott Isenberg, Charlene Kronstedt, Sheri Dean, Melissa Yeager, and their production, editorial, and marketing teams. I also acknowledge the invaluable input of my collection editors, Dr. Jim Spohrer and Dr. Haluk Demirkan. Special recognition must go to ...

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