Chapter 9

Coaching to Transform Visions into Workable Plans

In This Chapter

arrow Creating a creative mind-set for project planning

arrow Walking clients through the stages of a plan

arrow Keeping going and adjusting the plan as it evolves

On 12 November 2014, the European Space Agency (ESA) successfully landed a space probe from the Rosetta spacecraft onto the surface of Comet67P/Chryumov-Gerasimenko. Rosetta’s ten-year epic expedition began in March 2004 and involved three fly-by encounters with Earth and one with Mars. The spacecraft went into deep space hibernation for over two years and travelled over 4 billion miles before culminating in landing on a moving comet 251 million miles from Earth.

All went to plan until the last minutes when the harpoons designed to anchor the Philae landing probe to the surface failed to fire properly, and the lander rebounded before finally coming to rest one kilometre from the selected landing site. A £1 billion project with teams of the smartest rocket scientists on the planet still didn’t cater for the comet’s surface being harder than expected.

Few coaches are involved in such epic grand-scale projects, but whether you’re coaching a start-up business launch, ...

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