Chapter 14

Developing Relationships at All Levels

In This Chapter

arrow Developing a healthy relationship with yourself to increase personal flexibility

arrow Establishing relationships with others that develop and sustain the business

arrow Handling potentially unhealthy relationships

Business coaching needs to be business and leader led. It’s impossible to do one without the other. This chapter looks at how business leaders choose to relate to themselves and others. Coaches and mentors have a role to play in supporting leaders to consider how they show up, how they manage relationships with others and what that means for their reputation, their business and themselves personally.

Establishing a Successful Relationship with Yourself

Relational leadership is a style where leaders encourage positive relationships and working context among those they manage. It’s often synonymous with behavioural flexibility and emotional intelligence. Business leaders need both, and coaches can add value in helping leaders explore what these mean in their day-to-day management of themselves and others.

Emotional intelligence (EI) relates to interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. The ability to know, accept ...

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