Key Concept Exercises

SQ1 How can ACE help you write a business report? (pages 332337)

  1. 1 Analyze to understand purpose and report type

    For each of the following questions, identify the type of report you would write. Is it primarily informational or analytical? Refer to the report names in Figure 10.1 on page 332.

    1. Has our new marketing plan met our sales objectives?

    2. Why are so many of our widgets being returned as defective?

    3. Are we on track with our project?

    4. Can our client, Rose’s Bakery, afford to open a new store next year?

    5. Who is responsible for the property damage in our client’s building? The construction crew? The painters? The tenants? The maintenance staff?

    6. What new sales leads did you develop at the trade show?

  2. 2 Analyze to understand audience ...

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