Sentence-level skills assessment

In Table C.1 , record the number of questions you answered ­incorrectly in each category. If you got more than two answers wrong in any category, it is likely that you are making similar errors in your writing. Review the relevant sections of the appendix. If you are still having trouble with sentence-level errors in any category, you may want to seek additional help at your school’s writing center or writing lab.


Skills Assessment Table

Questions Skill Area Number of Incorrect Answers Section(s)
1–5 Nouns and Pronouns 1.1.1., 3.1.2.
6–10 Adjectives and Adverbs 1.1.3.
11–15 Fragments, Run-on (Fused) Sentences, Comma Splices 1.2.2., 1.3.1., 1.3.2.
16–20 Subject–Verb Agreement, ...

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