Chapter 17

Joining Together to Maximize Business and Customer Value

In This Chapter

arrow Making business development everyone’s business

arrow Considering the role of account planning for customer growth

arrow Turning the delivery team into great business developers

The key to good customer management is to have great account managers, so in this chapter I focus on your account/customer/project managers (and their boss) who lead the teams working on the customers’ projects. These people can have various titles, but they’re usually part of delivery (sometimes called operations) and they lead and can encourage the whole of the delivery team to get involved in business development in one way or another.

Although business development looks as if it belongs to the marketing and salespeople and is nothing to do with anyone else in the organization, when you accept and communicate that everyone in the business is responsible for it, you increase your chance of thriving. The account managers are the lynchpin.

In this chapter, I look at how account managers need to be effective in business development, and how to motivate the whole of your company to push the business-development bandwagon and support your ...

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