Chapter 20

Pursuing Your Plans for a Successful Partnership

In This Chapter

arrow Fitting partnerships into the business development lifecycle

arrow Initiating a powerful partnership

arrow Building success together

In Chapter 19 I describe what you need to consider when deciding whether a partnership is right for your company (in the analogy I make, whether you want to marry or stay single). Here I assume that you’re following the marriage route and need to look around for a suitable spouse. Therefore, this chapter lays out the characteristics of a successful partnership and how you can create one.

Instead of reiterating all the good business practices I cover throughout this book, I highlight some of the unique management communication and teamwork challenges and opportunities that partnerships offer.

If you follow even half of the advice in Chapters 19 and 20, your partnership has a much higher chance of success than the average one. Good luck and much prosperity.

Locating Partnerships within Business Development

As you launch into setting up a partnership and using it to drive maximum revenue, you start to experience some of the same parts of the business development lifecycle that I cover elsewhere ...

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