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Business Driven PMO Setup

Book Description

Most PMO books are written by academics, trainers and consultants from the PM community and present academic or theoretical approaches and models that too often fail. The more sophisticated books tend to be limited in application to the larger or more advanced project management organizations. This unique reference presents new material not available in other books that is applicable to PMOs of all shapes and sizes. It challenges and calls into question various traditional approaches and strategies for the PMO citing examples and explaining when and why such academic and theoretical approaches are wrong.

Business Driven PMO Setup was written by over 20 contributing authors that are veteran line executives who either directly manage PMOs, have PMOs reporting to them, or are subject matter experts that service them. These veterans with centuries of business acumen managing both US and foreign companies, divisions, and departments provide valuable insights into ensuring the PMO is setup correctly and remains focused on meeting the needs of the business for which the PMO was created to serve.

Many PMOs are often vulnerable in terms of their continued existence. PMOs with a business mindset never have to sell or promote themselves internally, explain what they do, or worry about funding or their existence. This book establishes a clear bottom-line business mindset and practical approach that any PMO can adopt.

Key Features
  • Shows how to setup a business driven PMO using an extensively proven roadmap adaptable to any type or size of organization that consists of Vision, Processes, Training, Tools, Organization, and Assessment
  • Delivers the key tips, tools, and techniques that enable a PMO to achieve success
  • Offers practical insights supported by real case examples beneficial to PMOs of all shapes and sizes
  • Provides a unique discussion of “Lines of Business PMOs” which can be of tremendous value to organizations
  • Presents a first-hand discussion of the development of PMI’s Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3)® and demonstrates, using real examples, that through the implementation of OPM3®, organizations can design their PMOs to fit the organizations those PMO’s serve, focusing on the integrated agenda of building process capability while orchestrating a culture transformation