Chapter 6

Game On: Understanding Game Mechanics

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding points, leaderboards, and levels

arrow Developing achievements and rewards

arrow Exploring missions, challenges, and quests

arrow Providing feedback and understanding context

arrow Implementing anti-gaming mechanics

Game mechanics comprise the components of a game — the tools employed by game designers to generate and reward activity among players. (In the case of a gamification system, “players” refers to customers, employees, or other users.) Game mechanics guide users’ behaviors.

It should come as no surprise that world-class companies have begun applying some of the same proven, addictive game mechanics to reward behaviors in non-game environments, both with customers and employees. Indeed, most gamification programs leverage game mechanics in one way or another.

This chapter highlights the key game mechanics you can use in your gamification efforts to incentivize and motivate users to perform valuable behaviors and drive ...

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