CHAPTER 6Your Online Presence

Until only quite recently, all you really needed, in order to have a presence online, was a website, or a few websites (maybe landing pages for different products on which customers could click through to a main sales page). These days, you really have to cover several bases, in terms of social media platforms, as well as having web pages that look good both as desktop versions and in their mobile‐responsive version. If I click onto a website that is not mobile‐responsive, I will click straight off it. And as I do most of my business on my phone, as do many people I know, it's highly important that your website is mobile‐responsive. If it's not, go change it now or make a note to contact your developer immediately. You could be losing a huge amount of business.

Social media is also non‐negotiable. Indeed, the first place most people will discover you now is on social media rather than stumbling across your website. The social media revolution has completely changed the way businesses operate. If you have a business, social media is not just an additional promotional tool you could use…it has become a vital part of any digital marketing strategy.

Some of your customers may still be finding you by clicking on Google ads, but many will now find you on their social media feeds, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Your website is almost your second tier of communication these days. It's still important because, while people may find you on social ...

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