CHAPTER 12Don't Become a Human Bot!

In the final chapter of this section, at the risk of sounding like I'm contradicting everything I've said before, I want to encourage you to get off the computer and put down the phone!

Yes, I have endlessly stressed the importance of being digitally connected in order to grow your business, but now let's talk about the importance of getting out of cyberspace and off social media to allow yourself to grow as a human being. Because that is what you are: a human being. Don't become a human bot!

A “bot” (short for robot) is a software application that runs automated tasks, collecting data and sweeping Internet sites for specific information. When we are aware of the vastness of cyberspace, it is all too easy to get stuck in the role of a bot, never stopping until we absorb all available information – definitely an impossible task!

As much as the Internet is an essential marketplace for you and your business, you mustn't get so sucked in that you forget how to connect in real life. You need to down tools and live in the real world sometimes. Stay connected to friends, family and your social group. Network with professional groups at events. Get out there and get inspired. It's not just essential for your health (your brain, your eyes, your nervous system) but you will take the knowledge you acquire back to your digital world, and it will enhance it.

We all know that social media platforms can be extremely addictive. Social media and phone addiction ...

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