Chapter 13

Analyzing Your Business Model

In This Chapter

arrow Using the business model framework to analyze your model

arrow Answering tough questions to gauge the quality of your model

arrow Scoring your business model quickly and easily with step-by-step scoring instructions

arrow Working with a professional business model analyst

Your business model architecture is now complete. You have constructed a viable model by using the eight-component system that I cover in Chapters 6 through 12. Congratulations! Now it’s time to review your model as a whole and gauge its strengths and weaknesses. In this chapter I show you how to assess and score your business model by using many of the same techniques professional business model analysts use. After you score your business model, you’ll understand its strengths and weaknesses. I also offer suggestions on how to augment the strengths of your model as well as correct its weaknesses.

Comparing Live Business Models and Theoretical Business Models

Like any other theoretical exercise, creating and evaluating a business model is different in theory than in practice. ...

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