Chapter 14

Knowing that All Business Models Erode

In This Chapter

arrow Business models go bad — get over it

arrow Taking business model innovation lessons from Apple and IBM

arrow Using proactive business model planning

Eventually your business model will be launched as a real-life business. Hopefully, your business will enjoy great success and prosperity. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of the marketplace takes its toll on all business models. Over time, the effectiveness of your business model will lessen. In this chapter I discuss the factors that erode business models and why it’s not your fault.

There’s No Shame in a Weakening Business Model

A weakening business model isn’t a reflection of the skill of the businessperson. A weakening business model has very little to do with your talent and skill. Business models weaken because of market and competitive conditions, not because of any action or inaction you take. Reasons a business model can weaken are:

check.png Competition: Those pesky competitors just won’t stand still. When you come up with a great idea, they will copy it, lessening your great idea’s ...

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