Chapter 13

Using Social Media to Keep Relationships Alive

In This chapter

arrowWinning your contacts’ continued attention with social media

arrowUnderstanding how to apply old-fashioned lessons to modern communications

arrowSeeing the similarities between networking on social media and politics

I truly wish that more businesses would see that the biggest opportunity in social media is in relationship building and not just prospect hunting. Too many businesses and business people still spend too much of their social media effort trying to sell to people, before finding out what they want to buy.

In this chapter I want to change your understanding of social media and give you some important and immediately useable hints and tips that help you to change the results you get from it.

Venturing into Social Media

I remember when an estate agency I was working for first had a website. This was in 1997 and the Internet was terribly exciting to us. We commissioned a company to design a site for us that we could upload our properties to and we spent hours working out what text to put on there. The copy on our home page told any visitor all about our firm, there was an About Us page telling people even more ...

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